Smart Moves for the Future and Beyond

This new year is a fresh start and an even better time to examine financial goals. We’re halfway through January and ready to get back to basics. Last year around this time, you were probably elbow deep in plans for a brand-new year. This was your year to get organized, take the big trip, watch your kids get married, or even retire. For a lot of us, those plans fell through. We didn’t have a playbook and the uncertainty challenged us to find a new way of living.
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Warmest Wishes from our family to yours

Last week we thought about what this season means to us and encouraged you to do the same. These customs let us hold on to the best parts of the past and practicing them now helps us grow together. As promised, we have a few more staff holiday traditions and photos (warning cute kid photos ahead).
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Finding your post-election financial confidence

Boy, has this past week felt like a year? If you're feeling anything like we are, you're exhausted from news overload, burnt out on election talk, and are ready to move past all the uncertainty. You might be tired and stressed. So, we hope you remember, when it comes to your personal financial plan, we have your back.
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