Making A Difference

Our goal at Eagle Wealth Management is to make a positive difference in people’s lives, and not just for our clients.  During these tough times, we are fortunate to be able to serve by giving back.  Households and small businesses are struggling and our new program aims to support both.  Read below to learn more.


With your help, we want to pay it forward through our Invested in Community program.  We’ll hold regular drawings for $100 gift certificates, purchased by EWM, but given away by YOU to a community member to brighten their day.


How It Works

Step 1:  Choose a person

Who do you know that could use a helping hand or a bit of kindness?  A friend, business owner, housecleaner, front line worker, family member, uber driver. . . you decide.  We trust your judgement.


Step 2:  Choose a local business

Pick a small business you want to support that we can purchase a gift certificate from. The local grocer, restaurant, hardware store, hairdresser, etc.  Someone small and part of your community.


Step 3:  Enter the drawing for a $100 gift certificate

To enter the drawing, sign up here with your contact information, who you want to help, and the local business to support. We’ll have regular drawings to award five certificates a month.  Please register for the next round of the program starting Winter 2020. 


Step 4: Pay it Forward

If your name is chosen, we’ll mail you a $100 gift certificate from the business you requested, and you pay it forward to the person you chose.  

In return, we just hope you will tell us about your experience!  We could all use stories of kindness right now, and with your permission, we would like to share some of these stories from our Invested in Community program in our weekly email newsletter.  Simple gestures can make a big impact in the lives of others.  Sign up now to help us pay it forward!

Sign Up Now

Fine print and exclusions

  • Must be an Eagle Wealth Management Community member to enter the drawing.
  • One entry per person.  Your entry will rollover from month to month until you are chosen or the program ends.
  • Please choose a local business and ensure they sell gift certificates for their business.
  • Your name and the recipients name can remain confidential.  We will ask your preference if you are chosen.
  • Drawings will be held on a regular basis, beginning with five per month through August.
  • If you have questions, please contact