Taxes Don't Have To Be Difficult.  Let Us Help


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We’re in the business of making lives easier, so we don’t just offer financial planning and investments, but also tax preparation and planning for our wealth management clients*.

Taxes aren't much fun, and  we've seen the stress they often cause. We jump in to help when we can as they're incredibly important to financial planning. We prepare for and analyze taxes all the time when working on financial plans because decisions made now can make a big tax impact in the future. 

If you're ready to streamline the tax process, your Eagle Wealth financial planning team will work together with our accounting team to prepare and file your taxes as seamlessly as possible. No more back and forth, trying to get all the information your accountant needs and explaining your situation over and over again.

It's our job to know your financial life better than anyone. To know what happened this year AND the big picture . . . your long-term plans and goals. Integrating tax preparation with our financial planning streamlines the process, making your life easier and setting you up for success. 

Our Eagle Wealth Accounting Difference

     Efficient Teamwork —  One team you can trust for all your financial planning, investment, and tax service needs, working together to efficiently prepare your taxes.

     Experienced — Our in-house Certified Public Accountants work directly with our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER TM professionals to save you money on this year’s taxes AND on future taxes. 

     Transparent Pricing — Our tax services are billed on a flat-fee basis, dependent on the complexity of your situation.  Transparency is important to us so you’ll always know upfront what you’re paying, and you’ll never be charged for phone calls, emails, or meetings.  Our top priority is making sure your questions are answered promptly and you receive top-notch service. 

Call us to schedule a complimentary consultation to review your financial and tax situation, get to know each other, and decide if we’re the right fit*.

The Details  

  • We offer tax preparation and filings, proactive tax planning, analysis, and projections, tax-efficient investment strategies, tax-smart retirement income solutions, charitable giving opportunities and strategies, legacy tax planning, audit support, business tax planning.

  • As an Eagle Wealth Management client, we'll happily continue to coordinate with your chosen outside tax professional if you choose. There is no requirement to take advantage of our tax services. After all, it’s part of our job as your Family CFO — we’ll always work to help make your life easier and help you succeed. 

  • *Currently, we are not accepting new tax preparation only clients. Our tax services are fully integrated with our financial planning and wealth management services.