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A sigh of relief.  It’s something our financial planners hear a lot when people visit us.  They walk in the door with serious concerns... 

“Do I have enough money?  Am I on the right path to retirement?  Will I be okay?

They leave with confidence, knowing they’ve found the right team to lead them on their journey.  A team that focuses on their ENTIRE financial life, walking by their side for the long haul — educating, guiding, and helping them find peace of mind.

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We Choose People over profits



Why did we create Eagle Wealth Management? 

It's simple — because you need someone on YOUR side.  We know our industry is far from perfect.  You should come first.  That's why we're leading the change by putting people first.

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Focus on YOUR Economy, Not THE Economy

Do you know what really matters for your financial plan?  Let's face it — there are lots of outside factors you just can't control.  Let us help.  Together we’ll sort through the uncertainty, examine every detail, and then help you focus on what really matters to reach your goals.

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You're Unique.  Your Plan Should Be Too.



Some people start right off asking how we'll invest their assets, but we can’t answer that question until we get to know you and hear your story.  Listening always comes first for us.

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Market Updates . . . We provide the details without the drama.


         Would You Rather . . .

. . . Watch an update on the markets? View our economic video.
                      . . . NOT WORRY anymore about the markets? Then call us and let us help.


The truth is, most of our clients aren't interested in watching these videos because they KNOW their plan is working and they are going to be okay. The daily market swings don't seem to matter anymore once we've created your comprehensive financial plan and started our journey together.

Let us worry about the markets. It's our job. Go enjoy life's moments instead.


April 2023 — Market Update with City National Rochdale

Run time:  45 minutes, 39 seconds