Why Giving is Good for You

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Hello Eagle Wealth Community,

Generosity is sometimes more powerful than we realize.  

When we support the causes we care about, giving can make a difference and solve real problems in the world.

But that’s not all it can do.

It can also have positive impacts on you.  And that goes far beyond the warm glow and happy feelings you get when you give.
In fact, researchers have linked giving to several health benefits — like lower blood pressure and stress levels and higher self-esteem.1

They’ve even found that generosity can help us live longer, more satisfying lives.1

So, how can we unlock all that power of our generosity?

By giving in impactful ways that support our values and our vision of a better world.


Want to read more about how to give with impact & unleash the potential of your philanthropy?  Click here to check out the rest. 

Happy Giving,
Your Eagle Wealth Team

P.S. All of us here at Eagle Wealth wish you a very safe and Happy New Year.


We held our annual team holiday party early this month.  After last year’s virtual party, we were so happy to celebrate in person.  Our team and their guests spent the evening together in a local brewery barrel room.  We chatted during cocktail hour, enjoyed a wonderful meal, and then the real fun began.  Chad and Mat led an award ceremony, honoring each employee for an accomplishment this past year.  As a special treat, Kearina, (the Staskal’s middle daughter) prepared homemade peppermint eclairs for dessert.

After that, things became a little competitive.  We asked a professional quizmaster to host a friendly game of trivia for us.  We broke out into teams, put on our game faces, and got to work.  We fiercely debated tricky questions about college football and James Bond films and won some hilarious prizes. 

We’re grateful for the powerful relationships we’ve built and we’re looking forward to many good times ahead.