Warmest Wishes from our family to yours

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Hello Eagle Wealth Community,

Last week we thought about what this season means to us and encouraged you to do the same.  These customs let us hold on to the best parts of the past and practicing them now helps us grow together.  As promised, we have a few more staff holiday traditions and photos (warning cute kid photos ahead). 


“Church with my family on Christmas Eve.  And visiting Santa too, of course.  We’ve gone every year and always enjoy looking at photos from the past.”  - Chad


“Seeing just how many Christmas lights I can hang up, all while Chad rolls his eyes at me.  I dream of a house decorated like Clark Griswold’s in Christmas Vacation!  Chad would be mortified but the kids and I would love it!” - Cami


"My dad makes us all answer (probably made up) riddles before we open each gift - it takes us all morning.  And every December, my mom and I make homemade Almond Roca and fudge and ship it to friends & family." - Emily


"My mom and I walk the beach together every Christmas morning" - Brody