Miranda Nusbaum


Miranda's journey has its unique twists. She was part of our team for a couple years but took a break to prioritize her very young children with a schedule that better fit her family life. Miranda assured us she'd return to our team one day, and we never doubted it. Now, with her kids a bit older and a new remote setup, we're absolutely thrilled to welcome her back!

"It's wonderful returning to Eagle Wealth," exclaimed Miranda. "This firm genuinely cares for both its clients and its team members—it's what makes it so special."

Miranda makes our days a little bit brighter with her warmth and positive attitude. She’s a go-getter with ambition, an open mind, and a strong desire to learn.  Her years of customer service and organizational experience are a huge asset, and her dedication to family values makes her a perfect fit for our team.

Raised in Central Oregon, Miranda fast-tracked her career in the medical field, starting as an administrative assistant.  Through commitment and perseverance, Miranda climbed to managerial roles and discovered a passion for human resources, where she can help manage and optimize an organization’s greatest asset:  it’s people.  While she enjoyed healthcare, she’s excited to make the move back to a professional office setting.

Miranda fills her weekends with quality family time with her high school sweetheart, Brett, and their two young children.  Amidst the whirlwind of kids' sports and activities—soccer matches, wrestling meets, and competitive dance practices—Miranda still manages to carve out time to volunteer as the board Secretary for the local non-profit soccer academy.

When she's not wrangling kids, you can find Miranda enjoying Central Oregon by kayak or recreational quad ATV.

Fun Fact:  Every year, Miranda takes part in the Gambler 500, a trail cleanup competition. Participants drive cars valued at less than $500 through wilderness areas, hunting for trash to collect, all while hoping they don’t break down!