Understanding = Confidence

Knowing you, not just your investments

Sure . . . every wealth management firm wants to tell you about themselves.  We want to know about YOU first — your hopes and concerns, your daughter's wedding, your next travel adventure.  Helping friends enjoy their best years is what motivates us every day.  Family-owned and operated, our approach is pretty simple:  We treat you like family.

  Introductory Meeting — We offer a complimentary first meeting where we get to know each other.  Since most of our relationships are lifelong, and often multi-generational, it's important all of us feel this is the right strategic fit and something worth investing our time in.  Let’s talk.

  Holistic Financial Planning — We take a holistic, deeply personalized approach to assessing true wealth, rather than using net worth as the measure of your financial status. Our services revolve around your life, and we broaden the conversation from asset management to life management. 

  Education — This is your money . . . your future.  We know how important these decisions are and we work hard to explain complex topics in easy to understand ways.  We’ll help you feel empowered with confidence and clarity on the decisions you make about your future.

  Out of Town Clients — We've grown significantly across the country, not from advertising, but from happy clients referring us to their friends and family (the ultimate compliment in our industry).  We can meet from afar using screen sharing, video conferencing, secure file sharing, and even electronic signatures, all based on your comfort level.  Don’t hesitate to contact us — we know how to make long-distance relationships work.*

*We hold in-person meetings in Bend OR, Portland OR, Ashland OR, San Diego CA, and the San Francisco Bay Area CA.

Holistic Financial Planning — What You Can Expect




"I had no idea financial planning is supposed to be like this!". . . it's something we often hear from our new clients.  Usually their past experience in this industry involved advisors who said they provided comprehensive planning, but in reality they were only offering basic investing and insurance advice.  That's just the tip of the iceberg.  We’re different. We do SO much more.

Check our our Iceberg. You'll see There’s a big difference between a “financial planner” versus the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professionals and Retirement Specialists at Eagle Wealth Management.  That’s why people seek us out.  We have the skills and training to dive deep and create truly holistic, lifelong financial plans that enable us to give the right advice. . . and that means everything

Giving Purpose to your portfolio


Some people start off asking how we'll invest their assets, but we can’t answer that until we get to know you and hear your story.  After all, we can't fully help you if we don't understand who you are, where you've come from, and where you want to be.

That’s why listening always comes first for us.  Then we ask the right questions and dig deep into your entire financial life — uncovering your passions and priorities, finding hidden obstacles (and mitigating them), and creating opportunities to get you to your goals faster. 

Only then do we build your investment portfolio and your unique comprehensive plan focused on achieving your goals — the whole purpose behind your money.  It’s not about beating some index.  It’s about giving you a sense of freedom and financial security so you can focus on enjoying life’s moments instead of worrying about your money.

Beating some index diagram



Focus on your economy, not the economy


Focus on what you can control diagram

Do you know what really matters for your financial plan?  Let's face it.  There are lots of outside factors we just can't control . . . the economy, inflation, market volatility, interest rates, global unrest, etc.  It's hard to guess what will happen next and how to adjust your plan.

The good news is you don't have to try and control those things.  Instead, together we'll focus on areas we know we can make an impact on . . . tax strategies, managing risk, diversification, budgeting, and most importantly, smart, holistic planning.  Real results come from creating a plan that minimizes outside factors and stays focused on YOUR personal economy, not THE economy.