Big news alert — how we’re simplifying tax season

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 Now Offering Tax Preparation and Planning Services

Taxes aren’t much fun, and we’ve seen the stress they cause many of you.  We’re in the business of making lives easier, so we’re offering the chance to streamline your taxes by using our new tax preparation and planning services.

If you choose, your financial planning team will work together with our new accounting team (see below) to prepare and file your taxes as seamlessly as possible.  No more back and forth, trying to get all the information your accountant needs and explaining your situation over again.

Our job is to know your financial life better than anyone.  To know what happened this year AND the big picture . . . your long-term plans and goals.  Integrating tax preparation with our financial planning streamlines taxes, making your life easier, and setting you up for success.


Doorn Accounting Joins the Eagle Wealth Team

We’re happy to have Hans Doorn, Certified Public Accountant, and his Office Manager, Kim Brush, from Doorn Accounting join forces with us and become full members of our Eagle Wealth Team.  

Over the last 6 years, we’ve shared mutual clients with Doorn Accounting and we’ve seen the excellent work they do.  We share the same values, philosophy, and absolute commitment to the success of our clients.  After long and careful discussions, we realized we share a common vision and we knew this was the exciting fit we’ve been looking for.  

We’re thrilled to now have Hans as our in-house CPA to offer tax prep and planning, and also to assist in our more complex tax planning.  His years of experience bring a wealth of knowledge to the entire Eagle Wealth Team.  Read more about Hans and Kim below.

The Details

  • There’s no obligation to use our new tax services.  This is simply an offer to you.
  • We are happy to continue consulting with your outside tax professionals. 
  • There is a separate fee for tax services, based on the complexity of your situation.  Please call us for details.
  • If you’re interested in using our tax services for the 2021 tax season, please complete this form and we’ll contact you.  As we’re expecting significant demand for this new service, we recommend you reach out to us by the end of December.
  • If you’re already a Doorn Accounting client then there’s nothing you need to do.  Your information will transition seamlessly.

Sign Up Now

Adding tax services to our firm is one more step in our journey to provide you with all the financial solutions you need.  We’re pretty excited to expand our offering to you.

Next time you’re in the office, please be sure to welcome Hans and Kim to the team.  Thank you for your ongoing support and trust in us.  


Your Eagle Wealth Team